Why is my cartridge leaking?

If your toner cartridge is leaking or leaving toner splotches on the page when you first put it into the printer, most of the time this was caused by the cartridge being dropped during the shipping process. If this has happened when you first put the cartridge into the printer, get in touch with us! We’ll send you a free replacement cartridge and a waybill to get the leaking one back from you.

If your toner cartridge is leaking or leaving splotches on the page and you’ve had it in your printer for a while, it’s probably at the end of it’s cycle. This happens when the cartridge has exceeded it’s page yield and the waste toner chamber is overflowing inside the cartridge. Your solution to this issue is to change the toner cartridge.


If this information hasn’t resolved your problem, please fill out the form on our Servicing page and we will get back to you shortly with a solution.

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