ETB Tester Program

When using toner cartridges in your printer, do any of these issues sound familiar to you?

• Cartridges leaking into your laser printer
• Poor print quality
• Cartridges causing paper jams
• Cartridges simply do not work in printer
• No tech support from your cartridge supplier

We have the solution for you! Since we are brokers with over 25 years experience in this industry, we will outsource the best cartridges at the best prices for your office.


Why not take us up on an ETB tester cartridge?


We will send a laser printer cartridge of your choice to your office (free of shipping and handling cost) to try out for two weeks. No risk to you and no obligation.

If you love it, keep it, we will bill you after the two week test period.

If not, we will arrange to have it picked up from your office at no cost to you.

Simply fill out the form to the right and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!

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We Take the Confusion out of Buying Printer Cartridges

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Premium Quality Cartridges!

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