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Receive a $50 Gift Certificate or a Credit Memo (your choice) every time you refer us to another branch office or business contact (your Connection) and they place an order with us for a minimum of five (5) Premium Remanufactured toner cartridges.



Step #1 Random act of fun

Let your Connections know about ETB. They can be a supplier, other branch location, any business contact, etc. just as long as they work at a different office location than yours.

Our ETB $50 Give-Away Program is unlimited so feel free to refer us to as many Connections as you wish! 😃

Step #2 Speak to representative

Your Connection orders a total of five (5) Premium Remanufactured toner cartridges.

We will send you a $50 Gift Certificate or a $50 credit memo for any of the following companies:
• The Keg
• Cineplex
• Home Depot
• Best Buy
• Indigo
• Uber
• Sobeys
• Esso
• Tim Horton’s

Repeat as often as you wish!


ETB $50 Give-Away

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