Helpful Tips

Sway it:

When the printer warns you that your cartridge is running low, remove it from the printer and sway it from side to side and then reinsert it. This will redistribute the last little bit of toner in the cartridge and often will give you several more prints. You may also be able to repeat this process a few times.

Use Economy mode:

Most printers allow you to select the “Economy” or “draft” mode in the properties section of your printer. This means you will have a slightly lighter, less precise copy, but it will save ink. Use the economy mode any time you are printing a draft or a document, such as an informal letter, that does not need to be “presentation ready”. As a side benefit the document will also print faster.

Ink jets:

Ink can sometimes dry up and cause small blockages within the print-head nozzles, this can lead to your prints being streaky and faded. If this happens you can buy cleaning cartridges that will clean the the print-heads and will break up and remove any ink that has dried inside the nozzles within the print-head.

Black Mode only:

If your have a colour printer and you are printing a black and white document remember to change your printer properties to the black-only mode. This will help save your colour cartridges.

Dark Prints:

If your prints seem to be darker since changing your cartridge then try adjusting the toner density setting in your printer’s menu.

If your printer tells you that you are running low

on toner but you are still getting good quality prints with no streaks or fading then carry on printing. You will probably still get a few more pages from it. The estimation of how many pages your cartridge will print is just that, an estimation, more than often you will get more prints than it says.

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